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Fotini Theodosiou is an experienced  Greek - American graphic designer and founder of Orama Plus Creative Services. A solo design practice currently based in Greece, specializing but not limited to digital / social graphics and large mural designs.

Fotini's willingness to go the extra mile on any design project, her professional service and the amazing ability she possesses in identifying her client’s pain points, inspire her to aid them to successfully overcome their social invisibility, get noticed and to improve their overall brand image through thoughtful visual communication tactics. She is transparent, seeks truth and beauty in every situation and her multi level creative talents, make her indispensable to her clients.  

Location has never been a barrier for Fotini because she works by contract, by job or by the hour with many years of remote experience with clients across the globe since 2009. Over the years she has build a strong network of partners, that cover all types of other professional services that compliment her own design work.

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